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Welcome to KPR

Let's grow your

Welcome to KPR

Let's grow your




All of our clients are important to us, big or small. We want to get to know you and build a relationship of mutual respect, honesty and openness. We want to understand your goals and concerns. And we want to be your team-mate and partner in growing your business together.


We are experts in our fields with years of diverse experience in marketing, sales and online services. At KPR you will get the best solution, at the best price, tailored for you. No-nonsense.

✓ Honest and clear communication
✓ Quality service
✓ Fair pricing

Results oriented

We are your experts. We care to understand your goals, the market in which you operate, and your target audience and give you the best actionable solutions, with measurable results. As we marketeers say, there is no progress if you cannot measure it!

Let's grow together your

Let's grow together your


Digital Content

Digital content is all the materials we use to advertise your brand online. Your Website or Blog, Facebook posts, Videos and Google Ads are all digital content. Together we create the perfect content for your business, to catch your target audiences attention.

Digital Advertising

Digital, online, web or internet advertising: that’s when you present your content to internet users. To advertise online you can use Search Engine Results’ Pages, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok) and anything that fits with your brand and strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is what we do for search engines like Google to like you and put you higher in search result pages. This is organic, not paid advertising and you have to earn it. How, you ask? So many different ways. We are here to help you with this.

Search Engine Advertising

Google Ads: Search Ads, the ones you see in search engine results pages. Display Ads, appear on any website and Video ads are the ones on Youtube. You pay for them per click (PPC), per view (CPM) or per action (CPA). We choose the best type for you business based on strategic goals, target audience and budget.

Social media

We all know Facebook, but what if there is a better fit for your business? Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik Tok, Tumblr, Snapshat… With so many options out there we find the perfect mix for your target audience. Why not try something new and differentiate.

Other media

Do not limit yourself to Facebook and Google! As part of the marketing mix, you can use Influencers, Vlogs, Email Marketing, Instand Messaging (Viber & Whatsapp) and Offline marketing with print ads or sponsorships. Let’s talk to find the best marketing approach to grow your business.

Sales & Marketing consulting

Let’s discuss your sales approach, new business opportunities, leads generation and even sales tactics. Let’s develop your brand, and the marketing strategy behind everything. What is your goal and your budget? Together we will set reachable targets and a step by step approach to get there.

Website Development

Websites: The core of any business. A good website must be user friendly, clear and help you achieve your business goals. It must have the right look&feel and tone of voice for your audience. A good website, is the secret weapon for succesful online marketing. Let’s build!

Analysis & Reporting

Setting clear and measurable goals, is everything in marketing! At KPR we will monitor and evaluate every campaign we do together and discuss next steps with you. Per request, we can go even deeper to discover consumer insights, analyse content performance and suggest point of action.


KPR in an independent digital marketing agency based in Athens, Greece. Our team consists of experienced professionals in sales & marketing. We consider ourselves growth hackers because we will find the most affordable ways to grow your business together.
We specialise in medical marketing, small businesses, and eshop marketing. Together we will develop a sales and marketing strategy that fits your business and promote accordingly.

No strings attached, get in touch with us now!

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